Sep 28
Collaboration with The Event Girl
Hey guys, I know I keep “dusting cobwebs” off my blog! If I got a dollar for every time I have said that, I should be having a cup of nicely brewed tea with eerm either Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. You know the feeling when you love to write but then life happens? You don’t? Well, being a photographer is hard work; you’re constantly thinking up creative ways to get better images and also be consistent with your blog posts. Sometimes, you fail at one or the other, thankfully we are winning at both! The good news is that I am currently working on being a better photographer and an even better blogger,  as I need to keep you at the edge of your seats with more details from projects I am currently working on. Recently, I had the privilege of working on a collaboration with a few of the wedding industry heavyweights. It was really awesome as we got the chance to bounce ideas off each other and ended up creating this masterpiece. So remember,  whether your event/wedding is in Antigua or in faraway Middle East (it is still a destination, lool) be reassured that we have got you […]
Its been an amazing start to the year. Let me formally wish everyone one a Happy New year , i know its coming late . But its better late than never. Yeah yeah , i know its been a while and i must confess i have had so many distractions of late and i am working on ensuring that i churn out awesome images for your lovely eyes to behold. I have known Fola for a few years , asides the fact that he is my friend, he has the most infectious personality .Fola and Nonye have such amazing chemistry quite different from most couples and that made this shoot an easy one to execute.The shoot was awesome and i must say we had fun putting together these images.Here is a pre wedding of Fola and Nonye which i did recently all thank to the amazing help of Michael of Gyasi Media
Aug 31
Dance Afrique 2015 in Pictures
I had the privilege of being one of the photographers at Dance Afrique 2015 which held at the SSE Wembley Arena last Friday. It was an amazing night of Music, Yemi Alade was on fire!!! .I have never seen such energy come out of one woman and with the rendition of Johnny the entire crowd erupted . Next act to go on was Mafikizolo and ooh my did they get the crowd jumping, the buzz in the arena was real . To put the icing on the cake , Akon came on stage and the crowd went wild .Wizkid and Mr May D were surprise guests artiste at Dance Afrique. They joined Akon on stage to perform collaborations and the crowd went wild. Akon truly is a legend that appreciates his roots as he took time to introduce Wizkid and Mr May D. Africa just keeps getting on the map . I love love love . more photos from the night after the cut…
Aug 12
Beauty Shoot Collaboration with Just as Planned and Pretty Ink Signature
It has been an amazing few months and summer has been proper kind this time, though the rain has come out to play . Everyone seems rather happy and happy people is what I want to document. As the sun is out I have somewhat been shooting just about everything and anything.  I had the pleasure of working with the talented duo of Pretty Ink Signature and Just as planned.  Here is what we got up to on this beauty shoot collaboration and yes this also got featured on Genevieve Online. 
Julie A Fashion portrait
Wheeew!!!  Takes a broom and clears the cobweb . It’s been a pretty long time since I made a blogpost. When I initially started blogging I actually thought it was going to be a stroll in the park. Well lets say I’ve got my mojo back and let see how that goes. I will do my best to blog ever so regularly . Let’s put the pinky promise to test, looool.  Sometime back I had the privilege of working with an interesting model.  I meet models every day,but in her case she was rather interesting as she said she never works with male photographers except she is comfortable with them. An advise I always give my clients, ensure you are comfortable with your photographer be it a wedding, Fashion & lifestyle or whatever calls for the expertise of a photographer. Here is what we got up to during the shoot. This was a location based shoot on Leek street right about waterloo. If you love graffiti then you’d love this. Model : Julie MakeUp : mebyomotola
Oct 07
BCROWN Fashion Lookbook
Its been a while. Working with creative people makes it all so amazing as it brings out the best in your work and allows for the expression of what you feel within. This is a Fashion lookbook shot for BCROWN clothing Designer  – BCROWN clothing Bags/Accessories: Head of State Styling: Sheun David Onamusi Make Up : Abena Enjoy.
Jul 07
Bridal Makeup shoot
So I had the privilege of working with an awesome Makeup Artiste Bellezza faces . She brings so much energy and poise to this industry . I am almost started smoking make up by the time I was done with this shoot . We all talk about how awesome a photo is without having to credit all the parties involved . For a photo to look that good it includes all the creative juices being mixed together to create all types of awesomeness. Shout out to all Make up Artiste , Stylist and most of all the people behind the lens . Make-Up- Bellezza faces Model : Xenab Stylist: Bellezza faces Continue to see the rest of the photos…
In a couple of days this cute couple will walk down the aisle and the i’dos will be shared , but lets rewind to a couple of weeks back when we had this amazing shoot. We had the shoot planned and we thinking it will be an amazing weather turned out to be different as it started pouring. I salute the resilience and excitement between the couple for it left me spell bound as they both agreed we would continue with the shoot. See me thinking about my equipments ….lool. It was a wet evening but we sure had fun. I have known this couple way back from Uni days when they were a massive clique of cool brainy kids who just knew how to have fun , but along the years they found they were meant for each other and bingo 9+ years later they embark on this blissful journey. I know I could never do justice to this love story so I got them to do it.Here is their story…
Mar 11
DJEMA||A portrait
Portraits do a lot of justice as It really shows the personality and the emotions behind the person . Djema happens to be an interesting subject with so much composure, personality and style you can tell we truly enjoyed this shoot from start to finish . This was shot in extremely harsh conditions as it was freezing cold but we sure had a good time doing this . Also make sure to check out Dje-make up
Baby Samuel
I was really excited when I was contacted to do a portrait shoot for Samuel. Samuel’s parents and I happen to be good friends and I just could not turn down that opportunity. I intended to do it before he turned 6 months but we just never got the opportunity to get it done . Babies are the most adorable beings you could set your eyes on, so beautiful and so peaceful . Gosh!!! I wish I could be a baby all over again and not have to worry about any thing.Someone please come adopt me , I promise to be a good baby.
Feb 06
Audrey || A Portrait
Well , if there is anything I love most about photography it will be the fact that you can capture amazing moments and relive them. Audrey has been a friend for years and what I really love about her is her sense of style, you know them ones that when they dress you smack your lips and be like yes God took time in creating them and yes did we have fun in creating the images.Continue to see more pictures.