I once was a good writer , but somewhere along the lines I got a feel of a shutter and I thought to myself don't you think telling a story using a shutter is faster than writing what your heart felt? Hence the journey began, so rather than deal in the power of spoken words i shifted focus to the power of photos that speak.

For every photo I take , I have already had the graphical representation in my mind before it comes to fruition.

As a photographer I take a photo journalistic approach to your events/weddings. While part of a greater story , each photograph is treated as its own master piece. All this combined together saves each beautiful moment for a life time.

My Name is Michael Badejo and i am a Photojunkie

When I am not hugging a camera , I am right behind Jose Mourinho cheering on the best team on the planet.

I love the people I photograph. I mean, they’re my friends. I’ve never met most of them or I don’t know them at all, yet through my images I live with them. – Bruce Gilden